About Us

The Midwives Society of Oklahoma is a community of midwives, birth professionals, and families who are united by a common passion for the health and well-being of mothers and babies.


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Our Missionmidwives deliver

is to improve maternal and infant wellness by increasing access to midwives and and natural wellness providers, supplying public education about natural birth and wellness options, and provideing professional education for the midwifery and birth worker community

Our Vision

is that women be respected as full, empowered participants in their pregnancies and births; that babies be born into an atmosphere of love and reverence; that midwifery be recognized as the standard of care for all healthy women during the childbearing year; and that midwives support each other with as much passion as they support their clients, lifting each other up to maintain and improve the quality of care provided to birthing women and their families

Our Goals

are to advance the quality and accessibility of midwifery in Oklahoma, to represent the interests of midwives all across the state, to monitor legislation, and to ensure that the needs of midwives are communicated and met.

Our Philosophy

is that the practice of midwifery is distinct from the practice of medicine. Midwifery is a discipline pertaining to a normal cycle of life, the childbearing years. We base our profession on the midwifery model of care:

  • Pregnancy and birth are a fundamentally healthy process.
  • Each woman is unique and her care should be tailored to meet her individual needs.
  • Attending to the emotional and spiritual components of childbearing are as important as appropriate antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum physical care.
  • Midwives should be trained by other midwives, be that training in a school or through apprenticeship.
  • Midwives should maintain a professional attitude and practice which promotes congenial relationships between physicians, midwives and students.
  • The relationship between midwives and their clients are collaborative in nature.